Regulation commencement date

Regulation commencement dates

  “The regulation takes effect on 1 January.”   “So, who will be at work to implement this? Or to enforce it?” and “What work is needed during December to gear up for implementation?”     1…

Suppliers - choose packaging with product safety in mind

We’ve all seen courier vans buzzing around our streets delivering goods that have been purchased online. Are the couriers careful with the boxes? Are the goods in sound condition when they arrive? I recently read an article in Melbourne’s…
Product testing

Product safety testing webinar

The video below is from an ACCC webinar on the topic of product testing for suppliers in the consumer market. Gail Greatorex, presents the talk on product safety testing in her then role as the ACCC's Director of Strategic Compliance.…

Commuter wins on fare evasion

A story of poor design and aggressive enforcement It took one of Australia’s leading human rights barristers, working pro bono, but a Melbourne commuter has had fare evasion charges dropped. The Age recently reported the story of a commuter,…
Product safety checklist

How do I make sure my products are safe?

Product Safety - A Managers Checklist Whether you’re designing, manufacturing, importing or selling consumer products, you have to grapple with the question – How do I make sure my products are safe? Some of the grappling is with the finer…

The Qantas Magnetic Toy Case - Interview with Ian Anderson

Ian Anderson was a key witness in the Qantas case. After Consumer Affairs Victoria successfully ran court action against Qantas and its supplier Alpha, I visited key witness Ian to talk to him about what happened. In this interview, Ian…

Qantas and the Banned Magnet Toys

 Qantas and its duty free supplier fined for selling banned toys Perhaps the last place you would expect banned toy magnets to be on sale is on an aeroplane. But that’s what happened in 2013 and both Qantas and its duty free supplier,…
Infinity cable - possible electrocution

Infinity Cable - Future Shock!

Imagine you’ve built a new home or done renovations for your family over the past two years. You endured all the disruption, the drama, the mess and the financial stress. Now you’re enjoying your new space in the knowledge that’s all…
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Product Safety Regulations in Australia

Product safety regulations can feel like a maze. If you’re selling consumer products in Australia you need to make sure you’re complying with the rules.
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Can the government tell me how to make my products? . . . or what to sell?

Some products do need to meet safety standards before they can be sold - your business could be affected