Button batteries - Size mattersozaiachin via Photodune

Button battery hazard – Size does matter!

4-minute read A few questions have been raised on the actual danger posed by small and medium button batteries. Some misconceptions have been circulating about: how dangerous they are, how the body responds, andthe type of treatment…
Child injured by button batteriesFamily photo

Button batteries – what can be done? Plenty.

Much more can be done in the immediate term to address the hazard presented by button batteries, as listed below. But let's start with some background. There's no doubt that the button battery hazard is a complex problem. However it…
Furniture tip-over prevention
Twin boys dresser rescue

Furniture tip-over real life video

Real life example - the need to anchor furniture A new video has gone viral showing twin toddlers in the USA climbing on an unanchored chest of drawers. The footage is extraordinary for several reasons: that it was all captured…
Toddler with button battery remotes

Product safety podcast – Button battery interview

Button battery interview Recorded in Brisbane, Queensland on 3 November 2015 following release of the Coroner’s findings on the death of Summer Steer from swallowing a button battery. I have asked 'Are button batteries the most challenging…
Joan Ozanne-Smith

Product safety podcast – Interview with Professor Joan Ozanne-Smith

  In this podcast, Gail Greatorex talks with Professor Joan Ozanne-Smith, Head of the Prevention Research Unit at Monash University's Department of Forensic Medicine. The interview took place at the Victorian Institute of Forensic…