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Welcome to ‘The Maze’ – Product Safety Solutions’ blog article and podcast platform 

Please step in, and allow me to guide you through . . .

The Maze is a mix of advice, opinion and stories on the world of consumer product safety and design. Most blogs are aimed at businesses that supply consumer goods – as importers, retailers, manufacturers – trading in shopping centres and online. Professionals who work within the product supply chain – managers, buyers, designers, marketers, compliance officers, lawyers – will all find relevant content. And so too regulatory agencies. Even if you’re not ‘in the business’, there will be items to help you and your family stay safe. Some blogs will focus on Australia and its product safety system. Other posts will have more universal application.

The podcasts feature interviews with leading product safety practitioners on a range of useful topics.


safety pin   35x35px Posts that cover product safety will feature the Safety Pin icon.


job7_design Posts that cover product design will feature the Design icon.

The Maze covers two aspects of the products we use every day – safety and good design. These aspects don’t always come easy to designers and marketers, but there is no prospect of achieving safe and well-designed products if nobody thinks about it before the goods are made!

Product safety – We all know we can’t avoid risk in our lives – and we wouldn’t want to. The key is to manage it effectively. My blog will focus on supplying safe and compliant products, with a focus on importers, manufacturers and retailers. But everyone in the community and every part of the supply chain can participate. What can each of us do to help manage consumer product risks?

Good design – How often do we encounter products that are hard to use when they don’t need to be? If a bit more thought was put into their design, the products would be easier to use, safer and avoid causing problems. As a community we can drive the case for more thoughtful design. There are lots of simple steps that can be taken to help make everyone’s life easier. Product design can be used to avoid creating future problems – from injury hazards to just plain nuisance.

With The Maze I hope to start some conversations about design and build some momentum for change.

Visitors are invited to link to blogs; and to reproduce blog content – with suitable acknowledgement. 

I hope you get a lot out of The Maze.

Gail Greatorex
Director, Product Safety Solutions