Product safety regulations and standards

Button batteries compliance

Placing product orders for June 2022 – Button battery regulations!

If your business sells consumer goods, you will be placing orders now for June next year. If these products or their accessories include button batteries, they will need to comply with the Australian mandatory safety standards which take…
Association product safety

Associations need to act on button battery products

4 minute read Any Australian business that supplies products that use small silver ‘button’ batteries – or supplies the batteries themselves - will need to comply with new mandatory safety standards under the Australian Consumer Law…
Button battery regulationPaha_L via Depositphoto

Button battery regulation, Australia

5 minute read There’s three things that mark out button batteries as a critical product safety hazard – the severity of the injuries, the ongoing rate of those injuries and the breadth of exposure to the product. Swallowing a…
Care labelling standard

Do we really need to regulate garment care labelling?

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has asked whether to keep, modify or revoke the mandatory standard for care labelling of apparel and household textiles. I support revocation, as I believe having a regulation for garment…
Regulation commencement date

Regulation commencement dates

  “The regulation takes effect on 1 January.”   “So, who will be at work to implement this? Or to enforce it?” and “What work is needed during December to gear up for implementation?”     1…
Children's nightwear Australia

Revised children’s nightwear standard for Australia

At last, an updated standard Effective 20 April 2017 a revised mandatory standard for children' s nightwear is in place. It allows a transition period up to the end of 2019. The revised mandatory standard is based on Australian/New…
AS ISO product safety standards

New Australian ISO product safety standards

SAI Global has just published two key Australian ISO product safety standards: AS ISO 10377 Consumer product safety – Guidelines for suppliers; and AS ISO 10393 Consumer product recall – Guidelines for suppliers. Guidance for all suppliers AS…
Standards consultation

Mandatory product standards reviews a-go-go

Many of the mandatory product safety standards under the Australian Consumer Law are overdue for updating. This has long been a source of frustration and complaint for many businesses. Well, the wait is over. There’s movement at the station…
Children's nightwear

Children’s nightwear standard – ACCC 2016 action

As many people are aware, the current Australian/New Zealand Standard 1249 was published by Standards Australia in 2014. In February 2016 New Zealand adopted AS/NZS 1249:2104 as mandatory (with a 12 month transition period). We have been…
children's nightwear standard

Revised New Zealand children’s nightwear regulations

Australia:NZ disparity on children's nightwear - Compliance ‘chaos’ New Zealand has moved on children’s nightwear regulations – leaving Australia behind. Any business that supplies children’s nightwear in both Australia and New…