About Gail Greatorex

My product safety career began in a one-person regional office, reporting to a manager over 600 kilometres away. In those circumstances, I had to find my way through the product safety maze, building knowledge of safety principles, risk management, legal compliance, technical standards and how to communicate it all. Before long I was teaching others in different agencies in Australia and overseas.

I have a passion for product safety and good product design.

For 25 years, I worked in consumer product safety with the Australian Government, mainly at the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

At that time, I:

  • was interviewed on National Nine News defending the recall ordered on loose-leaf tea that contained traces of rat faeces (while the supplier had argued it was within acceptable limits)
  • testified in the Federal Magistrates Court in a case about a giant inflatable banana

Product safety can be a complex field, especially where standards and regulations are involved. I believe there are great benefits in people working together and supporting one another to make our lives simpler.

I like to help link people, organisations and ideas.

Designing a product well from the start will make sure it’s as user-friendly and as safe as it can be. My website provides guidance and examples of all these things.

My business can assist companies, associations, government agencies and consumers in product safety and compliance.

I have set up the website to be a Go To place for anyone looking for guidance and resources for understanding product safety and good design.

My career success in human resources and then consumer product safety often involved bringing people and ideas together.

I have experience and expertise in:

  • Consumer safety standards and bans
  • Product safety compliance
  • Standards Australia technical committees
  • Assessing and analysing product hazards
  • Product recall
  • Compliance undertakings and other remedies
  • Product testing and certification
  • Technical evidence

and more generally in:

  • Training, seminar and workshop design and presentation
  • Risk management
  • Public speaking
  • Government representation
  • ISO policy committees and standards
  • International affairs

I can help you understand all these things through my training courses, business consulting, blog, newsletter, and as a presenter.

When not working, I enjoy bushwalking, live music, live comedy and creative writing. My first novel, published in 2020 (under a pseudonym) is Cherry Blossom Footsteps.

Gail Greatorex

Gail Greatorex

Owner and Principal Consultant

Thank you for your continued excellent work in this space.

Gail, your work in the compliance space is to be truly commended – an architect of our evolving profession. Many thanks for taking time to develop it.

I want to acknowledge and thank you, Gail, for your extraordinary thought leadership in the world of product safety.