ESG and product safety for associations

Product safety, ESG and associations

3 minute read Do you think of product safety as part of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)? ISO 26000 Standard Guidance on Social responsibility includes consumer product safety as a core part of ESG. ESG performance is increasingly…
Associations and product safety

Associations and product safety

Product safety is a vital aspect of any consumer goods business. Businesses should manage product safety without relying on governments to intervene. And business and industry associations have a key role to play. Business and industry…
Companies behaving badly

Companies behaving badly? – Product safety

On 13 July 2018, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Chair, Rod Sims, delivered a speech at the 2018 Giblin Lecture on the poor behaviours the ACCC has seen from companies. This is an edited extract of Mr Sims’ speech, with additional…
Product safety challenges

Paradigm shift needed for product safety in Australia

Last year I attended one of the rare product safety seminars held in Australia. At that event, participants were tasked with identifying ways product safety practitioners can work effectively in a competitive commercial environment. Contrary…
Furniture tip-over prevention