Kids stuck at home

Things to watch out for while the kids are stuck at home

3 minute read Keeping the family safe in isolation When kids are stuck indoors, they can get creative in how they keep themselves entertained. This article highlights three known hazards around the home that parents and carers need…
Netflix Broken series - furniture

Netflix documentary – how cheap furniture is killing children – lessons for all

4 minute read In a first for product safety, a new documentary exposes the story of how everyday household products can present unacceptable hazards. Still from Broken, Episode 3 Episode 3 of the new US Netflix ‘docuseries’,…
Product safety podcast

Podcast interview – David Schwebel

In this podcast Gail Greatorex talks with David Schwebel, Professor of Psychology, and Associate Dean for Research in the Sciences at University of Alabama, Birmingham. David talks about a series of tragic toddler deaths and how his research…
Product safety podcast

Product safety podcast – Interview with Jeremy Opperer

Welcome to this Maze podcast. I’m Gail Greatorex of Product Safety Solutions and this is an interview I did with Dr Jeremy Opperer from Exponent in the UK while we were attending International Product Safety Week in Brussels last November. Jeremy…
Twin boys dresser rescue

Furniture tip-over real life video

Real life example - the need to anchor furniture A new video has gone viral showing twin toddlers in the USA climbing on an unanchored chest of drawers. The footage is extraordinary for several reasons: that it was all captured…
Product safety podcast

Product safety podcast – Interview with Tim Wain

In this product safety podcast Gail Greatorex talks with Tim Wain, who’s had a long association with product safety in the infant and children’s product field. Tim now runs Australia’s Pregnancy Babies and Children’s Expo. In…