Podcasts and videos are a great way to keep up with news and learn about product safety.

Product safety podcasts

In my search for great product safety resources I came across your podcast (The Maze) which I found incredibly helpful in getting me up to speed. I can attest that I have learned a lot from your podcast alone.

Ije D. – USA

These podcasts delve deep into a range of topics on consumer product safety, with Gail Greatorex interviewing specialists within the field.

If you are a manufacturer, importer, wholesaler or retailer, then product safety is part and parcel of your business success. Understanding the topic may help you avoid the cost involved in product recalls, supplying unsafe products or services that may actually harm consumers, fines or damage to your reputation.

To listen to the podcasts, click on the more episodes button to see what podcasts are available and the episode info buttons for more information about the interviewee.

Transcripts are available in The Maze blog.

So far we have podcasts featuring:

Product safety panel discussion from the 2019 National Consumer Congress – Dr Ruth Barker, Gail Greatorex and Erin Turner (36 minutes)

Mr Matthew Smith – founder of data and communications company Icix on new ways of supply chain management to enhance product safety (26 minutes)

Dr Jeremy Opperer – leading product safety consultant and trainer at Exponent, UK, on assessing product hazards and communicating effectively with product users  (22 minutes)

Professor Joan Ozanne-Smith – an Australian injury prevention pioneer on her career in epidemiology, the value of research and evidence, the need for innovative thinking, product standards (36 minutes)

Mr Gene Rider – a veteran US product safety consultant at Exponent, USA, on compliance challenges, where responsibility lies and hazard recognition (30 minutes)

Mr Martin Rushton – from New Zealand’s product safety agency on compliance, product design, drugs in toys, and online retail (36 minutes)

Professor David Schwebel – from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA, on child behaviour, product design and supervision for injury prevention (19 minutes)

Mr Tim Wain – who runs the Pregnancy, Babies and Children’s expos around Australia on educating parents and suppliers about safety (16 minutes)

Two leading Australian experts on the button battery hazard (15 minutes)

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Other audio

Audio recordings of other Gail Greatorex interviews and podcasts are available on the Media page


Product Safety Solutions

Product safety videos

Product Safety Solutions has its own YouTube channel.


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The channel features a series of product safety information videos put together by and exclusive to Product Safety Solutions.

There’s also an interview with a toy safety and compliance expert, which can also be found in The Maze blog The Qantas magnetic toy case – Interview with Ian Anderson

The channel also includes a webinar on product testing, which can also be found in The Maze blog Product safety testing webinar, together with a selected transcript.

Curated videos

On the YouTube channel you will find videos created by Product Safety Solutions and a series of curated videos on safety and design. These cover consumer education material, technical advice and business guidance.

Visit the Product Safety Solutions YouTube channel