Influence consumer product safety

New product safety laws being considered

3 minute read What changes are needed in Australian consumer policy to improve product safety? A Treasury consultation paper discussing a series of options to improve the current consumer product safety system is currently out for…
Regulation commencement date

Regulation commencement dates

  “The regulation takes effect on 1 January.”   “So, who will be at work to implement this? Or to enforce it?” and “What work is needed during December to gear up for implementation?”     1…
Product safety policy

ACCC on product safety – policy and priorities

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has raised the profile of product safety over the past month. Following its work on the massive compulsory recall of Takata airbags, the ACCC has taken some key steps to promote the cause…
Illegal to sell recalled products

Is a recaller breaching the law if they continue to supply their product?

Last week I wrote about the current Australian Consumer Law (ACL) not prohibiting products being sold once they are subject to a recall. I did this with other suppliers in mind – retailers, distributors, etc It was only when discussing…
Product safety recall

Should it be illegal to sell products that are listed recalls?

It is not currently illegal in Australia to knowingly sell unsafe goods. I wrote about this last year in my blog article An Australian General Safety Provision and argued justification for adding a general safety provision to the Australian…
3D printing legal

Legal aspects of 3D printing

I met Angela Daly as a fellow speaker at the Inside 3D Printing Conference in Melbourne 2015. She had been exploring some of the non-technical aspects of 3D printing and has now published a new book that examines the topic from a number…
3D printer warning

3D printing product safety laws

  The advent of desktop and other smaller scale 3D printers has seen a growing global market. The market, which consists of 3D printers, 3D printing materials, 3D printing services and 3D printing software, reached US$4.98 billion…
General safety provision

An Australian general safety provision?

The Australian Consumer Law contains no express prohibition from selling unsafe products, including from knowingly doing so. I believe it is important to examine the need for a general safety provision to remedy this situation. A general…
Scales of justice

Product safety game changer?

Woolworths product safety case Last week Woolworths was fined more than $3 million for supplying goods with misleading representations as to their safety and failing to withdraw unsafe products from sale. This is only the second time in Australia’s…