Dangerous child car seat head strap accessory

Call for ban on child car seat head strap

4 minute read The forces involved when cars crash are beyond most peoples’ imagination. I remember once seeing a video that showed the impact of a 60kph car crash is comparable to a person falling from a four-storey building. We…
Button battery safety

Button batteries – the most important message

It's international Button Battery Awareness Day on 12 June. The day was set up in the USA by Reese's Purpose, after 17 month-old Reese Hamsmith died from a button battery lodged in her oesophagus. The day is also marked this year by similarly…
BBQ brush

Wire in your Barbecued Sausage?

It’s summer in Australia and barbecues everywhere are being fired up. There’s always a joke about what’s inside a meat sausage – sometimes euphemistically called a ‘mystery bag’. But even though we’re prepared to take our…
Button battery regulationPaha_L via Depositphoto

Button battery regulation, Australia

5 minute read There’s three things that mark out button batteries as a critical product safety hazard – the severity of the injuries, the ongoing rate of those injuries and the breadth of exposure to the product. Swallowing a…
Kids stuck at home

Things to watch out for while the kids are stuck at home

3 minute read Keeping the family safe in isolation When kids are stuck indoors, they can get creative in how they keep themselves entertained. This article highlights three known hazards around the home that parents and carers need…
Care labelling standard

Do we really need to regulate garment care labelling?

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has asked whether to keep, modify or revoke the mandatory standard for care labelling of apparel and household textiles. I support revocation, as I believe having a regulation for garment…
Button batteries

Suppliers – choose packaging with product safety in mind

We’ve all seen courier vans buzzing around our streets delivering goods that have been purchased online. Are the couriers careful with the boxes? Are the goods in sound condition when they arrive? I recently read an article in Melbourne’s…
Button batteries

Product safety podcast – Interview with Tim Wain

In this product safety podcast Gail Greatorex talks with Tim Wain, who’s had a long association with product safety in the infant and children’s product field. Tim now runs Australia’s Pregnancy Babies and Children’s Expo. In…
Toddler with button battery remotes

Product safety podcast – Button battery interview

Button battery interview Recorded in Brisbane, Queensland on 3 November 2015 following release of the Coroner’s findings on the death of Summer Steer from swallowing a button battery. I have asked 'Are button batteries the most challenging…
Button battery size

Button batteries everywhere

Battery packaging In an indication of how seldom I bake, and how few kilometres I do on my pushbike, I have only recently had to change the batteries for the first time on both the digital kitchen scale I got for Christmas in 2011 and my…