3D printing legal

Legal aspects of 3D printing

I met Angela Daly as a fellow speaker at the Inside 3D Printing Conference in Melbourne 2015. She had been exploring some of the non-technical aspects of 3D printing and has now published a new book that examines the topic from a number…
3D printer warning

3D printing product safety laws

  The advent of desktop and other smaller scale 3D printers has seen a growing global market. The market, which consists of 3D printers, 3D printing materials, 3D printing services and 3D printing software, reached US$4.98 billion…
3D printer - product safety

3D printing and product safety: WTFFF podcast!

A lot of these design libraries . . . they talk about how they may curate the designs so they are all printable, but are they safe? Tracy Hazzard A chat about product safety with US design experts and 3D print podcasters I recently had…
3D printing product safety

Radio interview on 3D printing

Used with the permission of ABC RN Life Matters ABC Radio National - Life Matters: He 3D printed a gun – what happened next? In November 2015 I was on the ABC Radio National program, Life Matters talking about 3D printing and product…
3D printer safety action

3D Printing – Call for action on product safety

Consumer level 3D printers are now available and increasingly affordable. Officeworks for instance sells The Cube printer for under $700 in Australia. Prices overseas are even cheaper and generally on a downward trend. This means that people…
3D printing product safety

A faulty 3D printed gun – who’s responsible?

3D printing safety issues exposed on TV’s The Good Wife A man downloads the design for a plastic pistol from the internet. He then uses his 3D printer to make a gun from the design specifications. When he takes it to the indoor shooting…
3D printing product safety

3D Printing Product Safety Infographic

This infographic shows how 3D printing will change the consumer product market and some of the impacts it will have on product safety. This subject is examined in detail in our White Paper: 3D Printing and Consumer Product Safety. You can…
3D printing product safety

3D printing and product safety

What will 3D printing of consumer goods mean for product safety? Imagine these possibilities - Manufacture your own plastic toys from yours or someone else’s designs – for your kids to play with, or to create your own little retail…