Highlighting supplier initiatives for button battery safety

Button batteries

Everybody needs to know that button batteries can cause catastrophic injuries, especially to small children, if ingested or even inserted into cavities like the nose or ear.

This page on the Product Safety Solutions website will highlight initiatives taken by businesses to help prevent incidental access to batteries, or raise awareness of the need for vigilance.

Gold stars are awarded to:

Button batteries Gold Star

Aldi (my local Carnegie and Bentleigh, Vic stores – and presumably others) providing battery recycling bins – and mounting them above floor level

Button battery safety

JB HiFi for adding a clear safety message on receipts for goods that use button batteries

Button batteries gold star

Target Australia, which has a policy of choosing products that use other types of batteries wherever possible, and is actively encouraging its suppliers to design their products that way

Button battery safety

The Australian Toy Association which has had a clear policy since 2016 for all members to comply with the voluntary industry code for products that use button batteries

Gold star button batteries

Signage found at a Caltex service station

Button batteries

Promo Brands, a Victorian-based promotional products company, has chosen to change its button battery-powered torches (silver above) for ones that use a AAA (red).

Nominations invited

I will be happy to add other initiatives and actions taken by any business as they are made known. If you wish to alert me to any worthy actions, please send an email with evidence to me at: [email protected] (I reserve the right to select items for inclusion).

I’m particularly interested in hearing about any online retailers who actively alert purchasers to the danger – by pop-ups or other messaging.

Let’s all keep spreading the word on button battery hazards and taking preventive action wherever possible.

Please note: I won’t be posting examples of poor button battery safety by retailers and other suppliers. If you are aware of any, please contact your local state consumer affairs office or the ACCC.

Gail Greatorex, Product Safety Solutions