Practical guidance is a great help when making commercial decisions. Product designers and buyers, for example, have to balance many factors and appreciate the value of easy to use reference material. Product Safety Solutions will be developing guidance materials such as checklists and easy-reference guides to help you when you most need it. We provide a range of tools to help businesses make their way around the consumer product safety system.

Advocacy – ‘The Maze’ blog contains topics that advocate change and provide guidance on how everyone can work together to improve product safety and design

E-books – a series of e-books, with practical guidance on product safety

Podcasts and videos on product safety and design

Resources page – all sorts of useful links to websites and documents on product safety and product design – Australian and international

Facebook page – Product Safety Solutions has its own page on facebook where we post news, videos, pictures and stories of interest to businesses and consumers – use the facebook icon link at the top of the page

Recalls RSS feed – Immediate feed of consumer safety recalls as they are posted on the Product Recalls Australia website

White papers – on product safety challenges, 3D printing

We are also available for consulting.