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Product safety podcast – Interview with Jeremy Opperer

Welcome to this Maze podcast. I’m Gail Greatorex of Product Safety Solutions and this is an interview I did with Dr Jeremy Opperer from Exponent in the UK while we were attending International Product Safety Week in Brussels last November. Jeremy…
Button battery products code cover page

Button battery products – new industry code

There has been a lot of publicity about the extreme dangers of button batteries where children have access and swallow them. I think button batteries are the most challenging ever product safety problem. Much work has been done to alert…
Scales of justice

Product safety game changer?

Woolworths product safety case Last week Woolworths was fined more than $3 million for supplying goods with misleading representations as to their safety and failing to withdraw unsafe products from sale. This is only the second time in Australia’s…
Button battery hazard

Button batteries: the most challenging product safety problem ever?

Attractive to children, easy to swallow Deadly within days, if not hours Found in a staggering array of products Difficult to completely isolate from children Hard to detect if swallowed Symptoms similar to other ailments Severe…
Lego Toy

Furniture tip-overs – safety strategy

There’s a danger in all family homes and suppliers can easily help fix it. But apart from a few conscientious manufacturers and retailers, not much is being done. An opportunity exists for furniture retailers to make a difference. What’s…
10 weeks wasted

How poor product design lets you – and your customers – down

  I recently bought a mobile phone. When I needed to access the SIM card, I couldn’t work out how to remove the back cover. Frustrating. The cover didn’t have any of the usual product design features to indicate how to open…
Lego Toy
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Toy age guidelines – lessons from Lego and The Simpsons

Age guidelines on toys - lots of people assume the age listed on a toy is only to indicate how bright a child is