Workshop: Furniture tip-over prevention best practice

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Momentum is building for furniture suppliers to play their part in helping prevent tip-over injuries. Government agencies are pressing for action; Customers are demanding safer, compliant products; Insurers are considering their options. All retailers, manufacturers and importers need to act.

To help companies implement the National Retail Association’s Best practice guide to furniture and TV tip-over prevention, Product Safety Solutions has developed a practical workshop.

The workshop is interactive and has been designed by me, Gail Greatorex. As chair of the working group that wrote the best practice guide I can lead participants through the practical steps to implementation.

Workshop outlineFurniture tip-over

The two and a half hour workshop will cover:

  • The rationale for developing best practice and the business case for adopting it
  • Details on the 3 elements in addressing tip-overs – design, anchoring, consumer action; and what retailers and suppliers need to do in practical terms
  • Clear steps to implementing best practice, including discussion on any perceived roadblocks to implementation and how to address them

Workshop events

The first session was hosted in Melbourne by the Australian Furniture Association on 29 August 2017, presented by me.

Enquiries on further workshops can be made direct to me at Product Safety Solutions via the Contact page.