Children's nightwear

Children’s nightwear standard – ACCC 2016 action

As many people are aware, the current Australian/New Zealand Standard 1249 was published by Standards Australia in 2014. In February 2016 New Zealand adopted AS/NZS 1249:2104 as mandatory (with a 12 month transition period). We have been…
children's nightwear standard

Revised New Zealand children’s nightwear regulations

Australia:NZ disparity on children's nightwear - Compliance ‘chaos’ New Zealand has moved on children’s nightwear regulations – leaving Australia behind. Any business that supplies children’s nightwear in both Australia and New…
ISO torch

Product safety guidance from ISO

The International Standards Organisation (ISO) publishes standards on a wide range of topics, including consumer product safety. You may be aware, for example, of ISO standard 8124 for children’s toys. But ISO also publishes a range…
Children's nightwear standard

Children’s Nightwear Standard Update

After a long wait there is now some movement toward a new mandatory children’s nightwear standard. New Zealand For those who supply children’s nightwear to New Zealand, a discussion paper has been released. The paper sets out proposed…

Changes to the Children’s nightwear standard – Advice for suppliers

Everyone agrees the children’s nightwear standard was in need of an overhaul. A new version of Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 1249 Children’s nightwear and limited daywear having reduced flammability the standard was published…
Opportunity to influence consumer product safety

How consumers can have a say in product safety policy

     He had tattoos on his neck and arms. The words LOVE and HATE were tattooed on his fingers, next to skull rings. His clothes were leather, adorned with silver studs. Heavy boots completed the outfit. I was mindful that this man was…
Influence consumer product safety

How Businesses Can Influence Consumer Product Safety Policy

  WHO sets consumer product standards? How do ‘THEY’ set the standards? How do ‘THEY’ know that the standards can be applied in the real world?   As a small importer or manufacturer, you don’t always get a say in the…
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Toy age guidelines – lessons from Lego and The Simpsons

Age guidelines on toys - lots of people assume the age listed on a toy is only to indicate how bright a child is
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Can the government tell me how to make my products? . . . or what to sell?

Some products do need to meet safety standards before they can be sold - your business could be affected