Toddler with button battery remotes

Product safety podcast – Button battery interview

Button battery interview Recorded in Brisbane, Queensland on 3 November 2015 following release of the Coroner’s findings on the death of Summer Steer from swallowing a button battery. I have asked 'Are button batteries the most challenging…
Button battery size

Button batteries everywhere

Battery packaging In an indication of how seldom I bake, and how few kilometres I do on my pushbike, I have only recently had to change the batteries for the first time on both the digital kitchen scale I got for Christmas in 2011 and my…
Button battery hazard

Button batteries: the most challenging product safety problem ever?

Attractive to children, easy to swallow Deadly within days, if not hours Found in a staggering array of products Difficult to completely isolate from children Hard to detect if swallowed Symptoms similar to other ailments Severe…