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Staff working in consumer product safety have to apply complex technical standards to a vast range of products – toys, nursery products, cookware, car jacks, electrical appliances and so on.

They need to understand and work with legislative and regulatory specifications, market dynamics, manufacturing production methods, risk management, consumer behaviour and supply chain management.

At present, in Australia training is largely on-the-job and reliant on experienced staff to pass on their knowledge.

More training and an established qualification scheme would reduce reliance on older generation practitioners, raise product safety’s profile in Australia and expand the pool of potential new entrants to this important field.

Product safety training

Need for training

I have been working with Steve Hather of The Recall Institute, planning a new business to provide much-needed guidance and training in consumer product safety. Our program will be based on the two Australian (and International) Standards: Guidelines for suppliers in Consumer product safety (AS/ISO 10377) and Consumer product recall (AS/ISO 10393).

The main focus will be a new online training program for people who work in product safety, including managers in businesses small and large.

Risk management

Compliance and quality assurance officers must work alongside sourcing, merchandising and marketing teams to bring products efficiently to market. Our courses will be targeted at product safety and compliance officers, product buyers and executives in large businesses, as well as small business managers.

Staff who understand how to manage product safety and compliance are a key asset for any business. Our training products will equip staff with knowledge and skills so businesses can sell goods with confidence.

Product safety training survey

Complete the survey

To help inform the training, we have designed a survey of those working on product safety in retail, import and manufacturing in Australia. It is open from 12 to 27 June 2018.