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Product Safety Regulations in Australia

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Product safety regulations can feel like a maze.

If you’re selling consumer products in Australia you need to make sure you’re complying with the rules.

For some types of products – like electrical goods and pharmaceuticals – approval is needed. A few other categories – including food and vehicles – have a safety regime and specialist regulators that oversee compliance.

But what about the rest of our day-to-day household products? 

A number of these are covered by mandatory safety standards or bans. Manufacturers, importers and sellers need to check whether any regulations apply before you put your merchandise to market.

Product recalls and injury reports also play a part in helping us manage safety in our homes. Some regulations apply to recalls and injury reporting.

But we can all participate by staying in touch and sharing relevant information with one another.

And we all, as consumers, need to take care in how we choose and use products.

Many people think that if a product is for sale, it must have been checked for safety.  But apart from the few approval schemes, it is up to the suppliers to make sure a product meets regulations and is safe for people to use.

On this website I’ll be providing information to guide you through the consumer product safety maze – information that complements what the authorities provide.

I’m looking forward to help guide you through the maze.



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