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Q: What’s the Number One thing you can do really quickly that will help keep you, your family or your business safe?

A: You can register for product safety recall alerts

If you buy products (and that’s most people) – you never know when something you have bought might be recalled by the supplier.

If you sell products – it pays to be aware of how products fare in your market sector. If a product similar to one that you sell gets recalled it can impact your business. I have argued it should be illegal to sell recalled products.

Most recalls don’t get covered on the TV or radio news, and we don’t all see the newspapers. But suppliers are required by law to notify the government when they initiate a product recall. And the government makes this information available to everybody on its Product Recalls website.

By registering for alerts at Product Recalls Australia, you can relax in the knowledge you will be notified any time a product is recalled. You can even select which types of products you want to be notified about.

How to get alerts

The Product Recalls Australia website gives you several choices for how you get alerts:

  • subscribe to email alerts and RSS feeds on the Recalls website
  • download the Recalls Australia app to your Android device or iPhone
  • follow on Twitter for our recall tweets @ACCCProdSafety
  • ‘Like’ the ACCC Product Safety Facebook page for daily Recall Roundups and other recalls information.
Product Safety Australia Recalls

Product Safety Australia Recall Website – Sign Up for recalls

Direct from the supplier

The other way is to register online with the supplier, or send in any product warranty cards that come with purchases.

That gives the supplier a way of knowing who to contact directly.


Register your product purchase

Don’t forget to register your product purchase in case of a recall

Warranty card

Or send in your warranty card