New Australian ISO product safety standards

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SAI Global has just published two key Australian ISO product safety standards: AS ISO 10377 Consumer product safety – Guidelines for suppliers; and AS ISO 10393 Consumer product recall – Guidelines for suppliers.

Guidance for all suppliers

AS ISO 10377:2017 Consumer product safety – Guidelines for suppliers

This standard gives detailed practical guidance on assessing and managing the safety of products. It covers the design and production stages of a consumer product’s life.

It describes principles and practical approaches to effective product safety management; explains the basics such as corporate culture, training, risk management, product traceability and documentation.

It also outlines safety in design, including behavioural patterns, misuse, hazard identification and risk reduction measures; gives guidance for safety in production and in the marketplace; and explains consumers’ role.

AS ISO 10393:2017 Consumer product recall – Guidelines for suppliers

ISO 10393 picks up where ISO 10377 leaves off – to cover the product supply chain & distribution and the supplier:consumer relationship

This standard provides practical guidance to suppliers on consumer product recalls and other corrective actions after the product has left the manufacturing facility. Other corrective actions include, but are not limited to, refunds, retrofit, repair, replacement, disposal and public notification.

The two standards relate to one another

This diagram (from AS ISO 10377 preview pages) shows the different elements in managing consumer goods and how the two standards relate to one another.

Australian ISO product safety

ISO published the initial version of these two standards in 2013. The Australian Standard versions make only very minor changes for the local context.

What’s helpful about having the local version is the chance of raising awareness of these two valuable guidance documents.

Handy checklist based on the two standards

Product Safety Solutions has produced a checklist based on these two standards and is available for download. The checklist provides a handy summary of the measures needed to effectively plan for and manage the safety of products pre-production, pre-sale and post-market.


This article is in part an extract of an earlier article Product safety guidance from ISO, which also covers some of the ISO safety Guides.