Children’s Nightwear Standard Update

Children's nightwear standard

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After a long wait there is now some movement toward a new mandatory children’s nightwear standard.

New Zealand

For those who supply children’s nightwear to New Zealand, a discussion paper has been released. The paper sets out proposed changes and invites comments to be submitted by 12 June 2015.

An update to the discussion paper is available on the NZ Commerce Commission webpage.


For Australia, the ACCC has recently emailed an update to Standards Australia children’s nightwear committee members, stating:

  • It is currently drafting its public consultation document
  • The consultation document will give a number of options for dealing with the regulations, including to incorporate all the changes in the revised voluntary standard.
  • One of the key points of consultation will be on the transition arrangements in any updated/changed regulation. The answer to this question will be influenced by when the regulation comes into force (e.g. in relation to seasonal orders) and responses to the consultation.
  • While it is impossible to put a firm timetable on the consultation and decision process, NZ and Australian regulators currently expect new regulation would be in place in the 3rd quarter of this year (unless there are completely unexpected difficulties)#.
  • Both the Australian and NZ agencies clearly understand that suppliers are keen for the regulation to be consistent in both countries.
  • In Australia respondents will have six weeks to respond from when the consultation document is published.

You can register for an alert to when the ACCC’s consultation document is posted at the Product Safety Australia website

Product Safety Solutions has prepared a guide to the changes contained in AS/NZS 1249-2014. The e-book Key Changes in AS/NZS 1249 Children’s Nightwear Standard is available on this website. This guide will be very helpful for anyone considering the regulatory changes in Australia and New Zealand.

For a more recent report, see the blog article Revised New Zealand Children’s Nightwear Regulations published 28 March 2016