Understanding the system

General safety provision

An Australian general safety provision?

The Australian Consumer Law contains no express prohibition from selling unsafe products, including from knowingly doing so. I believe it is important to examine the need for a general safety provision to remedy this situation. A…
Joan Ozanne-Smith

Product safety podcast - Interview with Professor Joan Ozanne-Smith

  In this podcast, Gail Greatorex talks with Professor Joan Ozanne-Smith, Head of the Prevention Research Unit at Monash University's Department of Forensic Medicine. The interview took place at the Victorian Institute of Forensic…
ISO torch

Product safety guidance from ISO

The International Standards Organisation (ISO) publishes standards on a wide range of topics, including consumer product safety. You may be aware, for example, of ISO standard 8124 for children’s toys. But ISO also publishes a range…

3D printing and product safety

What will 3D printing of consumer goods mean for product safety? Imagine these possibilities - Manufacture your own plastic toys from yours or someone else’s designs – for your kids to play with, or to create your own little retail…

A new initiative in children's safety

Why would you need a guide to making clothing safe? Sometimes it’s hard to envisage what can cause children’s injuries. It’s not until you experience it with your own children or hear of an incident that you realise there might…
Opportunity to influence consumer product safety

How consumers can have a say in product safety policy

     He had tattoos on his neck and arms. The words LOVE and HATE were tattooed on his fingers, next to skull rings. His clothes were leather, adorned with silver studs. Heavy boots completed the outfit. I was mindful that this man…
Influence consumer product safety

How Businesses Can Influence Consumer Product Safety Policy

  WHO sets consumer product standards? How do ‘THEY’ set the standards? How do ‘THEY’ know that the standards can be applied in the real world?   As a small importer or manufacturer, you don’t always get a say in the…
Infinity cable - possible electrocution

Infinity Cable - Future Shock!

Imagine you’ve built a new home or done renovations for your family over the past two years. You endured all the disruption, the drama, the mess and the financial stress. Now you’re enjoying your new space in the knowledge that’s all…
Global product safety

Notes from International Product Safety Week 2014

  Last week was international product safety week. More than 40 countries from around the world were represented at a range of meetings in Brussels, Belgium. Most people came from around Europe, but others had travelled from Canada,…
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Product Safety Regulations in Australia

Product safety regulations can feel like a maze. If you’re selling consumer products in Australia you need to make sure you’re complying with the rules.