Button batteries – what good businesses are doing

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Despite some good efforts, the rate of serious injuries in Australia from kids swallowing button batteries is not going down. Some estimates are at one per month, which is a shocking statistic.

In my blog article: Button batteries – More action needed I drew attention to some of the issues.

New business initiatives page

I’ve now decided to set up a page that highlights positive actions by retailers and others. This page provides examples of actions and policies that have been implemented above and beyond what is currently required in the voluntary supplier code.

The impact of button battery injuries is so severe that everyone needs to play a part. Some companies and associations have stepped up already. Now, I would like to promote good corporate behaviour so others can be inspired to follow.

Check out the new Gold star page

I especially encourage associations to see what’s there, review their policies and urge their members to review their own practices.

A revised version of the current industry code will be published mid-2019. In the meantime, all suppliers of button batteries can review their current measures and plan how they can contribute to this critical situation.


In case you need more incentive, here’s two videos from Australia and the US that show how serious the injuries to young children can be