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Button batteries – what good businesses are doing

Despite some good efforts, the rate of serious injuries in Australia from kids swallowing button batteries is not going down. Some estimates are at one per month, which is a shocking statistic. In my blog article: Button batteries – More action needed I drew attention to some of the issues. New business initiatives page I’ve […]

Product safety podcast – Interview with Matthew Smith

Interview with Matt Smith, President and Founder of supply chain transparency company ICIX How do you know what’s in your products? Which companies are supplying the component parts? Who’s provided them with the raw materials? Have independent checks been done along the way? How can you manage the myriad actions and transactions that go into […]

IoT product safety – Work in progress

How will technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) impact consumer product safety? The future is rushing towards us and we may need a new frame of reference. There’s plenty of attention on this issue and many minds are exercised. Whole days were dedicated to the topic in the November 2018 International Product Safety […]

Button batteries – more action needed

Back in 2015 I wrote that injuries from children ingesting button batteries is the most challenging product safety problem I know of. Some good work has gone into managing the problem since then, but serious injuries are still happening and more needs to be done. The danger Unlike just swallowing a coin, when ingested, saliva […]

Companies behaving badly? – Product safety

On 13 July 2018, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Chair, Rod Sims, delivered a speech at the 2018 Giblin Lecture on the poor behaviours the ACCC has seen from companies. This is an edited extract of Mr Sims’ speech, with additional comment in relation to consumer product safety. ACCC Chair Rod Sims: The title of my […]


Regulation commencement dates

  “The regulation takes effect on 1 January.”   “So, who will be at work to implement this? Or to enforce it?” and “What work is needed during December to gear up for implementation?”     1 January can be a very impractical date for legal requirements to take effect. In Australia, we’re all sleeping-in […]

Paradigm shift needed for product safety in Australia

Last year I attended one of the rare product safety seminars held in Australia. At that event, participants were tasked with identifying ways product safety practitioners can work effectively in a competitive commercial environment. Contrary to the session leader’s expectations, the participants showed a positive attitude, and a constructive discussion was held. But what struck […]

Disregard for consumer safety and the law

Record fines for breaching the product safety laws have been ordered in the Federal Court. Findings showed Thermomix’s clear disregard for consumer safety and the law. Well done to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission for taking this enforcement action. Thermomix In Australia Pty Ltd has been ordered to pay more than $4.6 million for […]