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Women in consumer product safety

3-minute read In the past week, while reading about International Women’s Day, I paused to consider the number of women involved in consumer product safety. I decided to write this article to reflect on the key role that women have in consumer safety – as professionals and as consumers. Meaningful work Product safety is a […]

Associations need to act on button battery products

Any Australian business that supplies products that use small silver ‘button’ batteries – or supplies the batteries themselves – will need to comply with new mandatory safety standards under the Australian Consumer Law which were declared in December. After a long period of uncertainty, we now know what the requirements are. All businesses need to […]

How safe are Ear buds?

4 minute read “MAN GETS EAR BUD STUCK IN THROAT WHILE SLEEPING” That seems like a surprising headline – but it’s a logical risk if you stop to think about it. In product safety we always caution parents not to leave any loose objects in a cot which a baby may put in its mouth. […]

Button battery regulation, Australia

5 minute read There’s three things that mark out button batteries as a critical product safety hazard – the severity of the injuries, the ongoing rate of those injuries and the breadth of exposure to the product. Swallowing a button battery can be catastrophic. Many deaths have occurred around the world, including two in Australia. […]

Netflix documentary – how cheap furniture is killing children – lessons for all

4 minute read In a first for product safety, a new documentary exposes the story of how everyday household products can present unacceptable hazards. Episode 3 of the new US Netflix ‘docuseries’, Broken, titled Deadly Dressers, examines furniture tip-overs that have killed and injured young children. It chronicles how changes to the way furniture is […]


New product safety laws being considered

3 minute read What changes are needed in Australian consumer policy to improve product safety? A Treasury consultation paper discussing a series of options to improve the current consumer product safety system is currently out for comment. Responses are open til 30 November. Options range from retaining the status quo, to introducing a comprehensive requirement […]