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Women in consumer product safety

3-minute read In the past week, while reading about International Women’s Day, I paused to consider the number of women involved in consumer product safety. I decided to write this article to reflect on the key role that women have in consumer safety – as professionals and as consumers. Meaningful work Product safety is a […]

Associations need to act on button battery products

Any Australian business that supplies products that use small silver ‘button’ batteries – or supplies the batteries themselves – will need to comply with new mandatory safety standards under the Australian Consumer Law which were declared in December. After a long period of uncertainty, we now know what the requirements are. All businesses need to […]

How safe are Ear buds?

4 minute read “MAN GETS EAR BUD STUCK IN THROAT WHILE SLEEPING” That seems like a surprising headline – but it’s a logical risk if you stop to think about it. In product safety we always caution parents not to leave any loose objects in a cot which a baby may put in its mouth. […]

Button battery regulation, Australia

5 minute read There’s three things that mark out button batteries as a critical product safety hazard – the severity of the injuries, the ongoing rate of those injuries and the breadth of exposure to the product. Swallowing a button battery can be catastrophic. Many deaths have occurred around the world, including two in Australia. […]

Netflix documentary – how cheap furniture is killing children – lessons for all

4 minute read In a first for product safety, a new documentary exposes the story of how everyday household products can present unacceptable hazards. Episode 3 of the new US Netflix ‘docuseries’, Broken, titled Deadly Dressers, examines furniture tip-overs that have killed and injured young children. It chronicles how changes to the way furniture is […]