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Button batteries – what can be done? Plenty.

Much more can be done in the immediate term to address the hazard presented by button batteries, as listed below. But let’s start with some background. There’s no doubt that the button battery hazard is a complex problem. However it is relatively straightforward to fix the product side. Introducing a mandatory standard (or ban) would […]


Button batteries – what good businesses are doing

Despite some good efforts, the rate of serious injuries in Australia from kids swallowing button batteries is not going down. Some estimates are at one per month, which is a shocking statistic. In my blog article: Button batteries – More action needed I drew attention to some of the issues. New business initiatives page I’ve […]


Button batteries – Gold Star Suppliers page

Highlighting supplier initiatives for button battery safety Everybody needs to know that button batteries can cause catastrophic injuries, especially to small children, if ingested or even inserted into cavities like the nose or ear. This page on the Product Safety Solutions website will highlight initiatives taken by businesses to help prevent incidental access to batteries, […]


Button batteries – more action needed

Back in 2015 I wrote that injuries from children ingesting button batteries is the most challenging product safety problem I know of. Some good work has gone into managing the problem since then, but serious injuries are still happening and more needs to be done. The danger Unlike just swallowing a coin, when ingested, saliva […]


Button batteries everywhere

Battery packaging In an indication of how seldom I bake, and how few kilometres I do on my pushbike, I have only recently had to change the batteries for the first time on both the digital kitchen scale I got for Christmas in 2011 and my bike’s computer (similar vintage). So I went to the […]


Button batteries: the most challenging product safety problem ever?

Attractive to children, easy to swallow Deadly within days, if not hours Found in a staggering array of products Difficult to completely isolate from children Hard to detect if swallowed Symptoms similar to other ailments Severe non-fatal injuries It’s a ‘perfect storm’ The danger Coin sized lithium batteries, known as button batteries, are powering our ever […]