3D printing and product safety: WTFFF podcast!

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A lot of these design libraries . . . they talk about how they may curate the designs so they are all printable, but are they safe? Tracy Hazzard

A chat about product safety with US design experts and 3D print podcasters

I recently had the opportunity to discuss the safety of products made by 3D printing with Tracy and Tom Hazzard of Hazz Design (USA) for their ‘WTFFF’ 3D printing podcast. The podcast is now available. (The “FFF” is a play on words that’s specific to 3D printing. It stands for Fused Filament Fabrication)

3D printing product safety podcast

Image: from the 3D start point website

The podcast covers the impact that desktop 3D printing is having in the community and explores the safety implications of novice designers and printer owners making products, as covered elsewhere on this website.

The podcast which goes for 40 minutes and a transcript is available at


‘Much more interesting than expected’

After the interview Tom and Tracy remark:

That was a much more interesting interview than expected. You never know what it’s going to be until it happens, no matter how much background research we do, but to us, this brought up a lot of issues that no one is really considering in this industry.

This is almost a sleeper issue in this industry, which is going to become a bigger problem.

Access the podcast direct from the 3D Start Point website, or in iTunes.

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